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When Kids Show Up at Your Demo

This is my first reblog… I hope it works right! I just read this great article by a friend of the Looneys of Looney Labs. It’s about the how the stages of cognitive development all kids go through apply to their ability to play games at different ages. It also gives great tips for how to include kids in gaming! Thanks for the great information, ‘Becca!

The Earthling's Handbook

I wrote this article in 1999, when I was not yet a parent but was noticing that many adults I knew were very awkward when relating to children or actually tried to exclude children from fun activities rather than figure out how the kids could fit in.  I mentioned this to Kristin Looney, whose company makes games that are fun for both children and adults but focuses its marketing on adults, and she immediately appointed me to write an article for their Mad Lab Rabbits (the name used at that time for fans who promote the games) suggesting ways to appeal to kids when demonstrating the games at trade shows, in stores, at parties, or in public places where people stop to ask what you’re playing.  Many Rabbits told me it was helpful to them.

When I started writing about playing games with my own child, I wanted…

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