Welcome, everyone! Thanks for stopping by! This is the inaugural post of my new blog.

I am the owner of Laurie Menke Educational Services in Woodland, California. I’ve been teaching for about a quarter of a century now. (Wow, that’s scary to say!) Currently, I spend most of my time tutoring and supporting students in reaching their goals, but I also do teacher training, curriculum development, literature reviews, data collection and presentation, grant writing, and lots of other fun things.

My plan is for this blog to be an informative resource for all parents, teachers, and learners—especially those in Yolo County. Some of this great information will come from my posts, but I’m hoping that all of you will get involved in the discussion and add a much deeper richness to the conversation.

So what will we talk about? Here are some of my initial ideas:

  • Subject Matter (English/Language Arts, Math, Science, History/Social Studies…)
  • Age-Related Issues (Elementary, Junior High/Middle School, High School, Adult Education, College, Career Advancement…)
  • Special Populations (learning disabilities, gifted and talented, attention deficit, vision or hearing impairments, home schoolers, foster children…)
  • Specific Skills (decoding, fluency, comprehension, computation, memory, attention, organization, spatial skills…)
  • Teaching and Learning (learning styles, motivation, experiential education, multiple intelligences, curriculum, assessment…)
  • Resources (web sites, games, books, local people and events…)

But these are just ideas. What I really want to talk about is what interests all of you. So let’s hear it!  What would you like my next post to be about?

UPDATE 9/17/14:  I no longer live in Woodland, California.  I have moved to College Park, Maryland.  But my goals remain:  to be an educational resource.  🙂

2 thoughts on “Introduction

    1. Thank you, Maya! Perhaps my second post should be about music in education. I’d love to hear your input if you have any. 🙂 And thank you for “My Musical Talent!”


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